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Your safety is our most important concern. If you notice cracks on the floors or walls of your home, it may be due to the deterioration of the house foundation. Contact our professional foundation repair team to inspect your property, treat the cause, and fix the damage.  


Your decision to repair the foundation will be the best in your life because you have worked hard for your residential / commercial property. J R Foundation Repair works with engineers and is dedicated to providing quality work at reasonable rates.

Repair your foundation to protect your loved ones

•  Changes in the soil condition

•  Poor drainage

•  Tree and large shrub roots

•  Excessive moisture

•  Poor initial construction

•  Termites

Speak to us for a FREE estimate. We are located in Houston, TX.

House foundations could weaken due to various causes

Don't wait. Get top-quality foundation repairs for your home in just one day for a great price! We do pier, beam, and

concrete repairs.

Get a lifetime transferrable warranty for all foundation repairs Call: 713-234-1729

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